As a Dentist at Denver Tech We Encourage Men to Come In For a Dental Exam

Posted on: March 11, 2015

Dentist at Denver TechWe’re a dentist at Denver Tech and treat patients of all ages, both men and women.  What we find, however, is that men are less likely to visit a dentist, in general.  They are still in need of our services but tend to come in less, often avoiding care until their need reaches emergency levels.  The Academy of General Dentistry ran a poll to find out why and discovered the following:

  • 45 percent of men didn’t see the need
  • 30 percent had dental anxiety
  • 18 percent didn’t have time
  • 5 percent didn’t have a regular dentist

We understand the importance of dental care and would like to address each of these points in an effort to encourage you to make an appointment, and positively impact your oral health.  First, if you are unsure of a good reason to visit the dentist, consider how annoying a toothache would be.  We can prevent cavities and infections with regular, preventative teeth cleanings.

Simultaneously, heart health and gum health have been linked together as researchers have found that 70 percent of those treated for heart disease also had gum disease.  This may be, in part, due to the fact that the plaque found on your teeth is the same that can be found in your arteries.  While research is ongoing, one theory is that the plaque on your teeth is swallowed before eventually ending up in the arteries.  Time and science will tell for certain but in the meantime, this demonstrates the importance of having your teeth cleaned.

If you are concerned about how a procedure may feel, rest assured that when you visit a dentist at Denver Tech, you can remain entirely comfortable.  While we understand that many people had negative childhood experiences, visiting the dentist today, can be entirely pleasant.

Those that are concerned about not having enough time should have their teeth cleaned and a dental exam as soon as possible.  Making the time for preventative care is important because it can help to avoid an emergency down the road.  An emergency dental problem may require more intensive and time-consuming treatments that also come with a recovery time.  Preventative care, on the other hand, is fast, easy and can be fit into your lunch break.  With that in mind, the busier you are, the more important it is to visit our dental office.

As a dentist at Denver Tech, if you don’t have a general dentist, we would welcome you to schedule an appointment with our dental office.  We can work within your schedule and set a time that is convenient for you.  During your dental exam and teeth cleaning, we will look for any signs of cavities or infections and provide the treatment you need to remain healthy.


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