Benefits of a Digital X-Ray

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Dental work becomes more efficient with a digital X-ray. Dentists use this tool to check your oral health thoroughly. The frequency of your dental X-ray depends on your dentist’s recommendation. Despite the helpfulness of this diagnostic imaging, many people still remain wary about them. If you want to establish more trust in a digital X-ray, here are its benefits.

Better image quality

Advanced technology powers each digital X-ray. The sensitive sensors of this equipment can record various dimensions and angles of a patient’s teeth, gums, and jaw. A computer then receives the digital images. The dentist can manipulate the shape, color, size, magnification, and clarity of the X-ray. Doing so can give the dentist a more accurate diagnosis. This results in a more targeted treatment plan.

Low levels of radiation

Patients usually shy away from digital X-rays. The term “X-ray” usually triggers an alarm because of the amount of radiation. High levels may be present in traditional X-rays but are not in digital X-rays. In fact, patients tend to absorb 85% less radiation during a digital X-ray. That is why this type of diagnostic imaging is healthier.

Good storage and tracking capabilities

Traditional X-rays are bulky and taxing for the dentist and patient. Patients used to take home an X-ray film and lose it. Dentists would compile the X-rays in file cabinets. Each patient’s file then grows thick because of the accumulated negatives. With digital diagnostics, dentists and patients find it easier to track the progress of treatments. Rummaging through files is not necessary anymore as the dentist merely accesses a patient’s file and browses it.

Faster treatment periods

Digital X-rays can produce several images in seconds. The images appear in one click instead of waiting for hours to produce one image. This makes treatments quicker. Patients do not need to spend hours sitting in the treatment chair anymore. Dentists also come up with treatment plants in just a short period. Before the patient leaves, the dentist can already share the diagnosis and treatment plan.

With the current pandemic still at large, it is not wise for patients to linger in enclosed places too long. Even with all the Covid-19 protocols in dental clinics, there is always a risk of getting the coronavirus. With this imaging technique, clinic stays become shorter. Patients can go home more quickly.

Environmentally friendly

Traditional X-rays use liters of hazardous chemicals to produce the images that dentists need. Two common fixatives are boric anhydride and ammonium thiocyanate. These chemicals irritate the respiratory tract, skin, and eyes. They are more dangerous if anyone ingests or inhales them. Organ damage usually happens if there is constant exposure. A digital X-ray removes all these variables and produces toxin-free images.

A digital X-ray can provide an accurate diagnosis

With proper orientation, more patients could appreciate digital diagnostic imaging more. Your dentist should assure you that digital X-rays are faster, healthier, and more accurate than traditional ones. This type of technology should not make patients worry. Instead, it should encourage all dental patients to trust the advances that modern dentistry offers.

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